About Us

Christian Care is a non profit organization that provides a wide variety of comfortable living options for a variety of needs. Christian Care has three levels of care with multiple options at each level and a brand new short-term stay rehabilitation program.

Our mission: We are “enriching senior living with Christian values and compassionate quality service.”

Christian Care Values

• We are committed to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and strive to uphold them in our daily service as part of the ministry of our founders, the Apostolic Christian Church.

• We recognize the need for God’s love, forgiveness and mercy for all souls and encourage the redemptive work of Jesus Christ in our residents and team members.

• We seek to enrich and embrace life while providing quality care and support in all aspects of one’s journey and time at Christian Care Retirement Community.

• We instill value, trust and respect in our team members so that we may foster an environment in which they thrive and provide loving care.

• We strive to be faithful stewards of resources entrusted to us and encourage families and community to participate in our mission of enriching senior living with Christian values and compassionate quality service.

Latest News

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