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Welcome Home

Welcome to Christian Care Retirement Community where retirement is truly a tribute to you! — A time for a new beginning.


Christian Values

Christian Care is not a business; it is truly a ministry. A place where Christian values translate into kind, compassionate support.

Comfortable Care

With our caring community, and balanced care options, we offer comfortable choices through all phases of our resident's assistance.

  • The Most Caring Staff Around

    The Most Caring Staff Around

    One of the greatest traits of Christian Care is the quality and longevity of our staff.In every department, Christian Care employees have been with us for longer than most other senior care facilities.

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  • Guided by Christian Principles

    Guided by Christian Principles

    Christian Care Retirement Community's mission is enriching senior living with Christian values and compassionate quality service.

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  • Our Comfortable Living Options

    Our Comfortable Living Options

    Christian Care provides a wide variety of comfortable living options for a variety of needs. Christian Care has three levels of care with multiple options at each level:

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Proof We've Got Extremely Satisfied Customers

Our periodic Quality Assurance Satisfaction survey routinely receives over a 50% partiicpation and the results speak for themselves.

Our Offering

  • 1. Independence with security

    We offer our residents attractive choices for maintaining autonomy and safety while in our care.

  • 2. Staff Dedication

    Our many employees and volunteers share single-minded kindness and commitment to our residents

  • 3. Passionate care

    Nothing is more important than our devotion to responsive, quality and compassionate service.