We understand that it can be challenging and stressful when life circumstances change, which is why we do our best to make the admission process as simple and easy to understand as possible.

The Admission Process

1. VISIT – Schedule a visit of our campus with our Social Services Director.
2. DISCUSS – Participate in an initial resident placement screening to determine which level of care is best.
3. APPLY – Complete our Admission Application and Disclosure forms.
4. HEALTH CHECK – Obtain a history and physical from your physician.
5. DOCUMENTATION – Post-admission documentation collection (ID, insurance, POA, living will).

Notes for healthcare residents:

Nursing care residents also need a chest x-ray and/or Mantoux test completed within the last six months. Doctors must complete a history and physical that includes current orders for medicines, treatments, and an order for admission to nursing care.

We encourage all applicants to have the following information and items ready for your visit.

  • Income and expenses information.
  • Current medication information.
  • Documentation – Current driver’s license or ID, health insurance card, power-of-attorney, and living will.

Pricing and Fees

Pricing varies by living option type (independent, assisted, healthcare), and may vary based on payment type (private pay, Medicaid or Medicare) and your insurance coverage. Please contact our Social Services Director with any questions related to current pricing or entry fees.
Ready to learn more or schedule a visit? Contact our Social Services Director, Jen Kinyo, by email at jkinyo@christiancarerc.org or by phone at (260)-565-3000.