Due to reporting requirement changes put in place by the Indiana Department of Health, we are no longer required to send out these weekly updates if we go more than 14 days without any new COVID cases or respiratory illness clusters. Going forward, we will only send out a notice if this criteria is met. Please see the contact information below if you have questions. Thank you!

Total # of confirmed COVID-19 cases (cumulative # of residents & staff) = 271

  1. Number of COVID-19 related deaths (cumulative # of residents & staff) =20
  2. Number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours =1
  3. Respiratory illness clusters occurring in the last 72 hours =0

(A respiratory cluster is defined as 3 or more residents and/or staff with respiratory symptoms within the facility).

Christian Care monitors resident temperatures and signs/symptoms daily, maintains strict restrictions on visitors, and has established limits for activities and dining. All staff are screened daily and required to wear a mask.

Phone Information:
To reach a Healthcare nurse, please contact 260-565-3000 option 1, then press 1 for Cherry Hall nurse, 2 for Plum Hall nurse, or 3 for the Golden Apple nurse.  

To reach the Assisted Living nurse, please contact 260-565-3000 option 2, then press 1.

To reach the Executive Director/Health Facility Administrator, please contact 260-565-3000 option 4, then press 9.

To reach the Director of Nursing, please contact 260-565-3006 ext. 2150

To reach the Residential Services Coordinator, please contact 260-565-3006 ext. 2120

For questions related to infection control, please contact 260-565-3006 ext. 2121

Thank you,

Donna Emshwiller, HFA