Weekly update for Christian Care Residents and their families.


County Transmission Level: HIGH

Link for CORONA VIRUS symptoms:


  1. Total # of confirmed COVID-19 cases (cumulative # of residents & staff) = 199
  2. Number of COVID-19 related deaths (cumulative # of residents & staff) =17
  3. Number of resident positive cases since 1/01/22 = 11
  4. Number of staff positive cases since 1/01/22 = 51
  5. Number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours = 0
  6. Number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days = 0
  7. Respiratory illness clusters occurring in the last 72 hours = 0

(A respiratory cluster is defined as 3 or more residents and/or staff with respiratory symptoms within the facility).

Christian Care monitors resident temperatures and signs/symptoms daily, maintains strict restrictions on visitors, and has established limits for activities and dining. All staff are screened daily and required to wear a mask.

Phone Information:
To reach a Healthcare nurse, please contact 260-565-3000 option 1, then press 1 for Cherry Hall nurse, 2 for Plum Hall nurse, or 3 for the Golden Apple nurse.  

To reach the Assisted Living nurse, please contact 260-565-3000 option 2, then press 1.

To reach the Executive Director/Health Facility Administrator, please contact 260-565-3000 option 4, then press 9.

To reach the Director of Nursing & Residential Services, please contact 260-565-3000 option 1, then press 4.

To reach the Infection Control Nurse, please contact 260-565-3000 option 1, then press 9

Thank you,

Donna Emshwiller, HFA